Six Sentence Sunday (Whistle Blowing) 3

For Six Sentence Sunday. This is from Whistle Blowing which will be coming soon, for free, as part of the Love is Always Write anthology. It’s a story about family loyalty, corporate greed, government corruption, and who you trust when you can’t trust anyone.

Sebastian, an ex-Navy medic is tells Daren, who’s a bit nihilistic, about the first death he ever witnessed.

“By that point, I think he realized how bad it was, and he was just crying. We got to sick bay, and they were moving him onto a proper bed when someone bumped into something. The metal moved, and it must have cut an artery because suddenly blood just started boiling up between my fingers. I pressed down, and they pulled the metal out so they could try to get inside him, but he’d lost too much blood already, most of it all over me. He was gone in seconds, his eyes wide open. That was the first death I saw.”

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  1. Wow. What a dramatic description. Good writing.

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