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My first novel is now available for FREE in various eReader formats through Goodreads.


Whistle Blowing
Former Navy medic Sebastian Thompson has classic good looks and a true blue heart. But that doesn’t mean he has the confidence to make a move on the gorgeous young blond who just breezed in to the Blue Dragon Bar. Fate will play its hand, anyway. Finding the same young blond beaten to the edge of death, terrified of a hospital, Sebastian has to choose – walk away, or try to save a life.

This one chance encounter will lead Sebastian into a web of danger. Who is the enemy and who is a friend? Who will he trust when everyone has a reason to lie? How far will he go, and what will it cost, to do the right thing?


Sebastian watched Daren sleep for a time from the old leather executive chair a roommate had found by the side of the road. It had somehow ended up in his room. Daren moved a little in his sleep but didn’t wake up. Sebastian got up and grabbed a blank notebook from his little milk-crate bookshelf. He opened it to the first page and wrote neatly across the top:



Sebastian wrote out everything he had observed and done as clinically as possible, being sure to note several times Daren’s refusal to have proper medical attention or police involvement. After filling two pages with tidy notations, he grabbed his sphygmomanometer and stethoscope again.

Daren groaned a bit as the blood pressure cuff inflated, but he stayed mostly asleep. Sebastian was relieved to see the results were up a few points, but it was still dangerously low. He made a note of it in the notebook.

His eyes fell on the ruined jacked he’d tossed aside. He was pretty sure you couldn’t wash blood out of suede. He grabbed it off the floor and started rummaging through the pockets. In an inner pocket, he found a wad of hundreds: maybe seven or eight grand. In an outer pocket, he found an EpiPen and five keys on a small wire ring, but they didn’t look like house or car keys; they were too small. He also found a wallet. It was of thick expensive leather and had the logo of Dolce&Gabbana on it. Inside was more cash, some of the notes new and some old and crumpled. It lent a bit of weight to his high-end rent boy theory. Sebastian figured there was at least three grand in the wallet. There was also an ID for Mr. Jeff Smith who was twenty-two and, except for being blond, looked nothing like Daren.

Sebastian peeked into the little pockets of the wallet looking for anything else. Smushed into an empty credit card holder was a business card with the seal of the FBI on it. Sebastian held it up to the light, looking for embossing or water marks. It seemed real and was for an Agent Joseph Kim. An official number was on the front, and a second number was handwritten neatly on the back. Maybe someone was trying to kill Jeff ‘Daren’ Smith. But they’d certainly had the opportunity to do it that night. They got 80% there; why not finish the job? Sebastian entered both numbers into his phone before shoving the card back in the wallet. He stuck the wallet, keys and EpiPen on his nightstand and hung the coat on the closet door even as the little voice in his head told him he should have stayed at home and watched the West Wing marathon. He set his phone to go off in an hour so he could take another blood pressure reading then settled into the chair and tried to take a nap.


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2 Responses to Whistle Blowing – Now Avalible FREE

  1. Sarah says:

    Hi! I read your book on goodreads. I can’t believe that’s the end. Please tell me you’re writing a sequel!!!

    • Ada Soto says:

      I have a couple of paid projects I need to wrap up first before I get to this but it on the list. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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